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What You Can Do To Ensure Your Business Data Network Is Secure

In the business world today, it is the responsibility of every business using the internet to imbibe the culture of network security. This is because it is home to sensitive company and customer data and is a doorway to your critical applications. Once this essential asset of your business is secure, it enhances confidence in the business and from customers.

A breach in a business data network can be seriously damaging as it can shut down operations for days and even worse a hacker can gain access to vital business data which could be damaging to the business reputation.

The list of problems is endless. In fact, in the UK, Businesses incur fine up to £500,000 for serious cases of data security breachImage result for What You Can Do To Ensure Your Business Data Network Is Secure

It is noteworthy to mention here that while a secure business data network is a way to safeguard your business from disasters and digital hackers, a secure data network has several other benefits as it builds a secure platform for e-business transactions. It helps businesses adapt effectively to changing business conditions and because the network is always up, there is increase in productivity.

As a business owner, what can be done to ensure that your data network is secure? Here are some tips to aid you:

Use strong and secure passwords

It is always important for your employees to use unique password. This method of ensuring data network protection is advantageous because it is both cheap and easy.

Use an effective password combination of numbers, upper and lower case characters and special characters with a defined password length(8-12 characters long), this will ensure that even with a dictionary attack by hackers to crack passwords, it will be impossible to.

Strong firewall security, antivirus protection and other security software

Strong Firewall security are a must for a properly protected network as it protects the network by controlling the traffic moving in and out of the business thus preventing outsiders from accessing any data on its private network. Even when working from home, it is important that home systems are also protected by a firewall.

Ensure also that you have the latest security software and install anti-virus and anti-malware products that are set to run scans after each update.

Regular programs update

A great follow up to any software installation is the right maintenance. It is important to ensure that your computer and mobile devices are “properly patched and updated” as this will go a long way in fully protecting the network.

When programs and operating systems are frequently updated, your network is provided with adequate protection because hackers are known to exploit bugs in known applications idling away on computer and mobile devices.

Automated updates and upgrades are therefore an important arsenal in network security.

Regular backup

Network security is very important because when there is a data compromise, the experience is a painful one, but when the data is not backed up, it becomes a disaster because everything will be completely lost.

Automatic or regular backups should be scheduled either to an external hard drive or in the cloud

Educate staff/employees

Human error is one of the big causes of data security breaches. It becomes very useful to train your staff on safety habits while online.

Let them understand the importance of the company’s data to your business and the duty they have in keeping it safe.

Educate staff also on how to recognize threats to the network in the form of phishing emails and any other malware.

In conclusion, ensuring the safety of your business data network is a complex task which requires your time, resource and specialist knowledge and that is why at Syntax IT Support London, we dedicate ourselves to the security of your network. For more information, visit Syntax IT (

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