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The use of high – definition video conferencing debugging techniques

In the practical application of high-definition video conferencing there are many unsatisfactory places, mainly in the parameters set and the actual operation and so on. How to be aware of it, handy?

  1. It is worth noting that there is a delay in the video conference, the operator in the “push” or “pull” or “shake” when the action is easy to produce illusion. For example, when the main control room to switch to the local side of the screen, the operator began to “push” or “pull” or “shake” action, but in the remote screen and did not immediately show the action of the change process, That the action appears to be wrong, and stop the process of action, resulting in the movement of the screen halfway stop; blink of an eye, when the remote screen appears in the change of the screen, the operator to confirm the action did not mistakes, The original action, until the landing screen. This stop the process, resulting in the movement of the screen is not coherent.

In addition, the composition of the scene at this time and the original design of the composition has been forward some of the forward. For the “push” action, the picture has moved from close to close-up; for “pull” action, the picture has been from the panorama to the panorama transition; for “shake” action, the scene has been shaking to the edge of the venue. It is due to the effect of the screen delay, resulting in the fall of the screen is not in place. Video conferencing system

  1. The problem caused by the screen delay effect can be solved by the following steps: first monitor the remote screen, when the total control room to switch to the local side of the screen, immediately move the line of sight to monitor the side of the screen , And the current side of the screen as a benchmark, the “push” or “pull” or “shake” action.

In the “national organizational system” to talk about party spirit, heavy line, for the form of ‘activities’ video conference, the author through the terminal control software, to take manual methods, the use of the above methods to complete the “push” action, to the screen continuous movement, Speed uniformity, the composition of the composition in place.

  1. In the video debugging process, the common problem is the image is not color and image color cast. For the image colorless phenomenon, through the terminal control meetings software to set the parameters to be resolved; for image color cast phenomenon, through the white balance adjustment to correct the color change due to light source caused by the image color cast. The use of mixed light (indoor lighting, outdoor direct sunlight and scattering) should be avoided as a lighting source, mixed with different color temperature light source, will not be the ideal color reduction, so try to avoid the presence of more than two in the venue Different color temperature of the light source.

If you use a video conferencing camera, you can use the professional camera, you can use the white balance adjustment to solve, the specific method is: according to the venue lighting source color temperature selection of the appropriate color temperature filter, using automatic white balance Adjust to ensure accurate color reproduction.

  1. During the meeting, to show the scene of the sub-venue, if the sub-venue with “push”, “pull”, “shake” skills to shoot, the specific performance of the problem is not consistent with the movement picture, Falling screen is not in place. “Push” is the direction of the whole, indicating that a local part of the environment; “shake” into the left Shake and shake right “Push” and “pull” are included in the same lens with close-up, close-up, center, panoramic picture, emphasizing the drop, so the amplitude of the composition of the screen is particularly important, this is a measure of whether the standard is in place.

Regardless of which shooting technique is used, it is necessary to ensure the stability and continuity of the picture, with a stable picture as a starting point and a stable picture as a measure of the length of time to ensure that the picture is relatively static , Which is the psychological requirements and the lens group needs. No purpose to push, rapid pull, sudden speed, stop halfway, etc., will make the audience feel the feeling of abnormal and turbulent feeling, the main reason is the operation error and the effect caused by the screen delay.

  1. For the use of conference terminal control software to control, to use manual mode. For example, if you want to “push” (or pull) the action, first build a good picture, and then “pull” (or push) to the panorama, when the total control room to switch to the side of the screen, then press the mouse, Click the mouse to switch to the end of the screen, and then press the mouse to shake or shake the left, in the drop at the loose Open the mouse.

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