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Selling a Used Car? Do These 3 Things Right

The growth of the used cars market in India is being fuelled by the supply as well as the demand. Gone are the days when people used to be sceptical about buying a used car. Today there are a lot of people who need used Chevrolet Beat in Bangalore online. They are not hesitant to admit that used cars are a better deal for them.

So how do you sell your used Chevrolet car to these people?

Be Where the Buyer Is

The first rule of selling to a buyer is that you have to be where your buyer is. The times have changed and today a seller has to look for a buyer. Now due to the digital revolution, buyers of used cars can be found online as well as offline. So you can list your car on one of the used cars websites and also make it available with a dealer. You can then sell the car wherever you find a better deal.

Prepare the Car

Before you even reach out to a buyer, you need to get your car serviced and repaired for any damages. If certain parts need to be replaced, have them replaced and keep the invoice and warranty of these parts ready. For the digital channels, you will also need to take photographs of the car from different angles so that users can see your car on the website.

Keep the Documentation Ready

You also need to keep certain documents available and handy for the buyers to inspect. You can create a file that has:

  • Registration of the car
  • Maintenance records of the car
  • Documents of any warranties applicable
  • Invoice of parts that have been changed
  • Insurance documents
  • Hypothecation letter
  • Pollution control certificate
  • Receipt of road tax paid
  • Owner’s manual


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