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Published on October 5th, 2016 | by Martin Hook


How You Can Monetize Your Android Application?

Developing an application is not a painstaking task any longer just like any mobile database integration company can design and build up your application. But getting revenue from your application remains puzzling. Whether it is – Entertainment or Business application, every appreneur really wants to increase his/her roi (Return on investment) through application monetization.

There are many ways of monetize your application. You are able to adopt one or many different ways or try different techniques for different period of time. Here, are the very best methods/methods to monetize your android application.

Compensated Apps

Among the simplest ways to create revenue would be to charge the consumer having a one-time payment for the application download. However, this tactic works just for certain condition in which the user should increase the value of your application with no other competitors offer free or lesser options.

Monetizing through compensated application is easy and simple. When you upload your application within the Play store, name a cost, select your region after which publish it. Make certain you deploy some marketing strategies such as the web and mobile ads to achieve your target audiences. It is the crucial role from the marketing ways of convince your potential users to download your application for any cost.



Ever wondered why the very best grossing apps have the freedom?

It is simply because individuals like freebies, why to cover something available to get it free of charge. But, how can I recieve revenue from the free application? You shouldn’t be anxious mate, you will get revenue through ‘Premium’ version. Any android application development India will build up two versions of the identical application – Freemium and Premium.

Through freemium, you are able to provide users using the fundamental functionalities. Whenever your user really wants to unlock the advanced features, you may make him/her spend the money for Premium form of your application. It is the most effective method of monetizing gaming and utility apps.

In-Application Purchases

This tactic can be useful for gaming apps in which the users have enough money capabilities like rewards, boost, level-ups plus much more. This tactic was added through the Google in March 2011 as ‘in-application billing’ for that android users.

Aside from making money, additionally, it increases your user engagement. A person might buy some virtual coins to purchase a fertilizer, buy an extra existence to get rid of the eye-popping zombie, purchase a sniper to fight the opposing army and just what not. You will get more revenue knowing the small secret behind in-application purchases. Below are great tips & methods for good at-application purchases.

Provide ‘SAVE ME’ option

Help make your users unlock the in-application purchases content

Employ the decoy effect

Offer Gifts

Provide ‘Remove Ads’ option

Unlock the best features in the proper time

Provide short time offers

Use multi-buys technique

happy wheels demo justify;">In-Application Advertising

This tactic is recommended by every android and web database integration company India because it creates revenue without directly collecting it in the users. You are able to display the 3rd parties adverts like banners and popups in your application to create earnings. Generally, they’ll ppc or impression.

The down-side for in-application ads would be that the ads can interrupt anyone’s experience and also at occasions it may irritate your users. Make certain you display the attached ads in the right timing without annoying you and give them a ‘Skip Ad’ option.

User Data

In case your application can collect data in the users, you very well may can generate earnings through advertisements. Surprisingly, some popular websites like Facebook track anyone’s data after which display targeted ads. Some apps collect data with the idea to locate them the best products from outdoors companies or just sells the raw data towards the companies.

On another level, users are created to go ahead and take survey in additional disguised manner – Online Quiz. The internet quiz you experience Facebook will collect your computer data and generate related ads according to your interest and region.


If you’re a small-scale business with increased interest in your product or service, then M-commerce may be the best brand out there. Through M-Commerce, marketing retail goods towards the users using your mobile application. The application functions like a storefront to see and buy real-time products. Aside from developing gaming and business apps, now every android and iOS application development company really wants to develop mobile commerce apps.

A lot of companies like Starbucks offers users to handle their accounts and may make transactions through their mobile apps. Spring, Product Search, and Wanelo are the most fascinating mobile commerce apps that have reshaped the way we purchase products or services within our day-to-day existence.


You can use a number of strategies concurrently or switch between strategies during a period of time according to your requirements. However the real success depends on finding which monetization strategies works for you.

How to pick your monetization strategy?

Stick to the monetization strategies adopted through the existing apps which serve exactly the same purpose or out of your competitor’s application making modifications according to your need.

If you can’t find any similar apps, then look for your application category and stick to the general strategies for some time. When you are to understand which works well with you, adopt individuals methods to monetize your application.

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