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How eSports betting is Helping the Gambling Industry

Only a decade ago there was nothing called eSports betting. It is a comparatively new form of gambling but it is showing remarkable growth. eSports is a growing market, video gaming as a spectator sports is gaining ground and it’s likely to become a booming business in no time.

So, gambling related with this will also boom. and a few other dedicated betting sites have already cropped up that only host betting for eSports games such as LOL, WoT, and Dota2 among others.

The eSports betting industry is not even a decade old, but already there are quite a few betting giants taking interest in it. One of the biggest reasons for their interest is because of the huge number of people involved in eSports. For League of Legends there are 27 million people watching the games. When you add the other top games to the list then the total number of people involved can look quite staggering.Image result for How eSports betting is Helping the Gambling Industry

The eSports betting industry is projected to rake in huge amounts of money in the ongoing year and also the future. According to experts, fans are likely to bet as much as $23.5 billion on eSports by happy wheels demo 2020. Given that this trend continues then other major sports betting such as soccer, rugby, baseball etc. As a matter of fact the betting volume has already surpassed golf, tennis and rugby and seems to be on the path of leaving all other major sports in its awake.

The fact that eSports is popular everywhere crossing the lines of gender, race and demographics is also contributing factor behind its burgeoning popularity. There is however some obstacles those bookmakers will face before they can capitalize on the new opportunity. They will need to come up with a new marketing strategy aimed at a completely different audience. Another problem they are facing is that of legality. The biggest eSports market is in Asia and the USA, and betting is illegal there, so reaching this potential audience is not as easy as the bookmakers would wish for.



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