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For miles and ages count of Ford Ecosport

A good mileage car is all we need. After all, hike in fuel rates is making holes in our pocket. We Indians have a liking for thrifty cars and to take care of the rising demand for such vehicles, auto companies are acquiring new choices that claim to convey amazing mileage. Till now it was said that only diesel driven vehicles delivered a better fuel proficiency but with a change in innovation, petroleum ones are also launched to convey expanded mileage.

One such car was added to the list by Ford with fresh looks, features, and new petrol engine, a care that has given a tough competition to Renault Duster. Yes, we are talking about EcoSport. The mileage of Ford EcoSport in Bangalore for its petrol variant is 15 kmpl and for the diesel variant, the mileage is 21 kmpl. This mileage is for the new EcoSport and on the highways, the new EcoSport delivers 18 kmpl for petrol variant and 23 kmpl for the diesel variant. Don’t you think it can be your next car for all the right features and mileage it delivers?

If you desire to buy EcoSport, but your bank balance is stopping you from buying one then the best option is to choose a used EcoSport in a better condition with a good mileage. Before buying make sure to know the Mileage of used Ford EcoSport in Bangalore along with its details like how much it has been driven, the legal work, and other things that may hamper you in near future.

Even if the car is used for continuous two to three years, the Mileage of used Ford EcoSport in Bangalore will be at least 8-9 kmpl for petrol and for the diesel variant it can be 15-16 kmpl. So, if you want it occasionally, used EcoSport can make a good choice.

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