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5 Signs That Your Home May Not Be Safe from Intruders

Our homes are paradise for us. But, have you ever asked yourself how secure your home is? Burglars and intruders are very crafty. They may be targeting your home from several months, but they do this activity so articulately that most people do not even get to know.

By the time they realize that their homes are not secure, it’s too late and they would have already suffered a loss. The advanced security system makers, including Hikvision, come up with innovative products like security cameras, alarms, and phone for homes that ensure your security.

Here are 5 signs that will help you know that your house may not be safe from intruders:

  1. A New Car on Your Street- If you often see a new car parked on your street and you are certain that it does not belong to any of your neighbours, then you must get suspicious. These cars usually stand for extended periods of time and are used by burglars who try and keep a close watch on all the houses to set their target.
  2. Strangers Gaping at Your House- It is always a nice feeling when your home is appreciated for its great looks, but if you find strangers gaping at houses in the streets and then acting uncomfortable as soon as you see them, then there are chances that these people are intruders who are planning a theft.
  3. Knocking on the Door-This is perhaps the most conventional way of burgling, but most people fall victim to it. The burglars knock at the door and if your home does not have a translucent entry door or a video and wireless door bell, then you are likely to go and open the door. The stranger will keep you busy with some conversation, while his partners break into your house. So, having no protection near doors can land you in trouble.
  4. Taking Pictures of Your Home and Neighbourhood- If you see somebody taking pictures of your house and the entire neighbourhood, then you may sense that there is something fishy about it. They could be intruders who are planning on how they can attack the house when no one is around.
  5. Markings on Your House- Many cases have revealed that burglars leave subtle markings around homes where they plan to do the robbery. They could look like normal signs to you, but they actually form a code or sign that is helpful for intruders.

Signs like these cannot be monitored by you every time and thus it is helpful to have a surveillance system installed in your homes.

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